Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

Club Cutlass

WED: Best In 'D' -------- Jenni
FRI: Sci-Fi Night ------- Crim?
SAT: Spring Break ---- Snowbuns?
Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

*  *  *  *  *

The Happy Vixen


2-4PM: "Undies/Underwear"

Tonight at the Happy Vixen, we see what lies underneath as we have our "Undies" event.

DJ JB , 250L on the board
Party starts at 2PM SL time, and ends at 4PM, with voting at 1:45 PM

"Let me be brief."

4-6 PM: "Computer/Digital"

Suggested wear: cyber, techno, holograms, high tech item. From Vocaloids to Technology and anything else electronic and digital.

DJ Geerkil and DJ JB, 250L on the board
Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SLT with voting at 5:45 pm SLT.

"Wanna cyber?"

6PM - 8PM: "Foxes"

Get your fox avatars, or fox-themed outfits, or both."We are lovers, beggars, and thieves. We are dream weavers and shapeshifters. No one can catch the fox!"

 DJ Wolfsinger,  250L on board
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8PM SLT, with voting at 7:45 PM SLT.

"People come to SL to be foxy one way or another."

6-8 PM: "Red and Black"

It's an event combining two strong colors as we have our "Red and Black" event. Wear a red or black avatar, a red or black outfit, or some combination or the two. Will you bet on black, or wave the red cape? You be the judge.

DJ Geerkil, DJ JB, 250L on the board
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT with voting at 7:45 pm SLT.

"Are we in the red, or in the black?"

8PM to 10PM "Blue"

If you're feeling blue, then come on over to the Happy Vixen for our "Best in Blue" event. Wear a blue outfit, a blue avatar, or both. So come on over and chase your blues away.

DJ Snowbuns, 250L on the board
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT with voting at 9:45 pm SLT.

"No, this isn't a blue movie."

4-6PM Fantasy
It's our salute to the tales of magic and sword and fantastic beasts and strange folk as we have our Fantasy event. Come as a magician, swordsman, priest, or whomever else would fit in a fantasy story. And you need not be human, come as a elf, dwarf, gnoll, fairy, orc, kobold, kitsune, or whatever magical being comes to mind.
DJ Scratch, $250L on the board
Party starts at 4PM SLT, and ends at 6PM SLT, with voting at 5:45 PM SLT.

"What's your fantasy?"


4-6 PM: "Wolves"

Tonight, we throw the Happy Vixen to the wolves. This is because you *are* the wolves as we have our "Wolf" event. Come in a wolf avatar, either furry or feral. Or you can always come in a little red riding hood. So come on over and howl at the moon.

DJ Tech, 250L on the board
Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SLT with voting at 5:45 pm SLT.

"She's the kind of girl if thrown to the wolves, she comes back leading the pack."


4-7PM "Anime"

Dress up in an anime-themed outfit, such as mecha pilot, martial-arts fighter, schoolgirl, etc.

DJ Grease, $250L on the board
Party starts at 4PM SLT, and ends at 7PM SLT, with voting at 6:45 PM SLT.

"Whose line is it anime?"

7-9PM "Asian"

Dress up in an Asian fashion, whether, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, or Southeast Asian. Please nothing anime that doesn't appear in Asian fashion in real-life. It gets it's own event

DJ Snowbuns, $250L on the board
Party starts at 7PM SLT and goes on to 9PM, with voting at 8:45 PM SLT

"Turning Japanese?"

7pm SLT to ???
"Spinnin the best EDM tracks ever recorded. So come on down and join in the party!!!!!!! there may be a few hidden gems mixed in  the set as well but you wont know unless you are here!!!!!!!"
DJ Khyra "The Dazzlecat DJ"

Theme: Come As You Are
Party starts at 7 pm SLT and goes on to 9PM or longer.
250 L on board
Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)  

*  *  *  *  *

Club Zero Gravity: "The Party Among the Stars"

`` 10a - 1p :  DJ JB
`` 1p - 4p DJ Rosen
`` 4p - 6p:  Dragon Crew
Tuesday - 4-3-18
`` 11a - 2p : DJ Sexi Lexi: @  Rodents
`` 11p-1a : DJ Shandi
`` 1p - 4p: DJ Rosen
Thursday - 4-5-18
`` 11a - 2p : DJ Sexi Lexi: @ Cartoons
`` 11p-1a: DJ Shandi
`` 10a - 1p:   DJ JB
`` 1p - 4p:  DJ Rosen.
``11p-1a: DJ Shandi

All times in SLT times.
Must be in theme to win any contest
Zero Gravity is Hiring for DJ's and Hostesses. 

Sunweaver Space (129, 249, 3597)

*  *  *  *  *

The Goblin Cave

Sunday Night Matinee, Starts at 6PM

Sunlight Bay (142/37/37)

*  *  *  *  *

Montecito Bay

Spring is here...So break out those shorts and short sleeves and come down to Montecito Bay and party with us!!! We have a whole new week of fun to be had. We hope to see you all here soon !!!

Tue, April 17, 2018
6:00pm - 8:00pm : Memes with DJ Taco and host Kait at the Flying Pickle

Montecito Bay (20/49/3802)

8:00pm - 10:00pm : Come celebrate the birthday of our very own DJ Moni with DJ's favorites with DJ Moni and host Randi at Envy Nightlife

Montecito Bay (20/49/3802)

Wed, April 18, 2018
6:00pm - 8:00pm : Old School with DJ Jackel and host Sakuya at Studio 86

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

8:00pm - 10:00pm : Rock and Roll Night with DJ Jinx and host Sakuya at Studio 86

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)
 Thursday April 19, 2018
6:00pm - 8:00pm : It's Synthwave Night with the Amazing DJ Sheeba and host Sakuya at the Flying Pickle. It's gonna be smooth!

Montecito Bay (20/49/3802)
Sat, April 21, 2018
7:00pm - 10:00pm  After Dark with Twocoin and  DJ Klo at the Magnum Opus

Montecito Bay (60/128/23)

Sunday, April 22, 2018
8:00pm - 10:00pm : it's Out of the Fridge Night with DJ Lazoo and your host Emorald at Studio 86! Come hungry for tunes!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

* * * * *

Furry Fashion

Monday - No Planned Events

Tues - Fandoms - Host Obsidian -  DJ Fort

Weds - Pajamas - Host Amari - DJ Neox

Thurs - Nature vs Tech - Host Josie - DJ Alexiel

Friday -Human Invasion - Host Minty - DJ RC

Sat 3pm - Horror - Host Josie - DJ Bengt
Sat 6pm - Turning Japanese - Host Marie - DJ Scratch

Sun 3pm - Food - Host Minty - DJ Taco
6pm - Magic - Host Taco - DJ Marie

Furry (185, 206, 53)

 * * * * *

Sunweaver Hangouts

The Goblin Cave

Sunday Night Matanee, Starts at 6PM
This week: TBA

Sunlight Bay (142/37/37)

The Gathering Oak

Monday 6-8PM,  TBA

Tuesday 6-8PM,  TBA

Sunny Beach, (173, 135, 24)

The Drunken Parrot

Hours unknown

Sunweaver Bay (148/46/22)

 Xanadu Classic Rock Club

Xanadu is currently closed to regular events. IM RECoyote Mines for anyone interested in the location as an event

HV Community (67/207/4051)

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