Monday, July 20, 2020

The Happy Vixen Movie Theater

Over time, the Happy Vixen Beach club has had a number of attractions besides the main one, the DJ music events. There's been a hot tub. There have been a number of games to play such as parcheesi (or "cheesy" as it's usually called). And there's been competitions. But recently there's been something new added: a movie theater.

The theater was originally at club owner Nydia Tungsten's manor in Pacific Waters. But she moved it to the beach club and set it up with help from Jasmine Dawn (OraSine Resident). Talking to Jasmine, she told me, "Nydia had stated she
had to take down ALL her movies for updates, and was looking at making the view place smaller. I myself was looking for a attraction to help draw more people to come visit the Happy Vixen.

"Two birds with one stone. I suggested to Nydia that we clean up the game table area that rarely got used, and place out her movies here when they got updated and returned to her. Well they got returned. I was already working to make a proper backdrop."

Jasmine counted over 260 different movies, "I like the Heavy Metal movies, scifi type and suspense types. And yes, there is a reason why these movies here aren't properly organized. It gives people a chance to look through all that is offered. You might be hunting for Spiderman. but run across 'The Martian' and watch that instead. Or want a cartoon and pick a suspense type. With over 260 movies offered, a person will be here for a while trying to watch them all."

There's also seating in front of the theater in the form of donuts, "Four different flavors of seating plus we have popcorn!" After talking to Jasmine, a couple's seating area was also added. There were also eleven more movies added, including "Mona," "Onward," and "Sonic the Hedgehog." Just press one of the movies and press "Play." If a move doesn't play, let Nydia or Jasmine know about it.

The Happy Vixen Beach Club is at
Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24).

Bixyl Shuftan

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