Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

Club Cutlass

WED: Best In 'X Y and 'Z'? ------------ Jenni
FRI: Leather/Latex ----- Crim?
SAT: Surf City ------------ ?
Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

*  *  *  *  *

The Happy Vixen


4-6 PM: "Barely There"

How little can you wear without actually being naked? That's the goal of tonight's event at the Vix as we have our "Barely There." So dress skimpily, but don't show any "bits" if you want to win. It's a night for the "bare" essentials.

DJ Geerkil
Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SL

"Grin and bare it."

6PM - 8PM: "Cartoons"

Things get a little animated at the Happy Vixen as we have our "Cartoons" event. Come as a favorite character from either Japanese-style anime, or American-style cartoons from the classic toons of the black and white era to today's favorites to those in between.

DJ Aroooo
"Tooned in"


6-8 PM:"Best in Yellow"

Things are a little on the sunny side tonight at the Happy Vixen as we have our "Best in Yellow" event. Come in a yellow avatar, yellow clothes, or mix and match. So don't be yellow, well, actually do be yellow. Our golden-chained dragon DJ Geerkil and JB Raccoon play the music.

The Epic Failure Show, DJ Geerkil, DJ JB
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT

"They call me mellow yellow."

8PM to 10PM :"Hoof it!"

It's a bit on the clippity-cloppity side as the Happy Vixen as we have out "Hoof-It" event. Come as an anthro equine, feral horse, pony, or other kind of hoofed avatar. Or you can always go as a cowboy or cowgirl. So come on over and "horse around." DJ Snowbuns spins the tunes.

DJ Snowbuns
Party starts at 8 pm SLT and ends at 10 pm SLT

"Hoof and nail."


Noon: SL Newser Beach Party

DJ Applebloom
Party starts at Noon SL time and ends at 2PM SLT

"And that's the news."

4-6 PM  "Cats and Mice"

Things are getting a little cheesy and fishy as it's time for our "Cats and Mice" event. Come in a cat avatar or a mouse avatar, anthro or feral, a neko, a nezumi, or have a shoulder pet. So no need to play cat and mouse ... well, actually do play cat and mouse. DJ Tech plays the tuna-ge.

DJ Tech
 Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SLT

"Being catty."


3-6PM "Angels and Demons"

DJ Snowbuns, Party starts at 3PM SLT, and ends at 6PM SLT"

"You talk like and angel, but you're the devil in  disguise."


6pm SLT to ???
"Spinnin the best EDM tracks ever recorded. So come on down and join in the party!!!!!!! there may be a few hidden gems mixed in  the set as well but you wont know unless you are here!!!!!!!"
DJ Khyra "The Dazzlecat DJ"

Theme: TBA
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and goes on to 9PM or longer.

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)   

*  *  *  *  *

Club Zero Gravity: "The Party Among the Stars"

Monday: 10 am to 1 pm with DJ JB
1 pm to 4 pm, DJ Sexi Lexi

Tuesday: 11 am to 2 pm DJ JB
10 pm to 1 am Poker After Dark

Wednesday: 10 am to 1 pm- Poker Tournament
1 pm to 4 pm Freeform DJ - Poker Tournament
4 pm to 6 pm with DJ Snowbuns Skylark Lefavre

Thursday: 11 am to 2 pm Freeform DJ - Poker Tournament
10 pm to 1 am Poker After Dark

Friday: 10 am to 1 pm with DJ JB
1 pm to 4 pm DJ Sexi Lexi
4 pm to 6 pm with DJ Applebloom

All times in SLT times.
Must be in theme to win any contest
Zero Gravity is Hiring for DJ's and Hostesses. 

Sunweaver Space (129, 249, 3597)

*  *  *  *  *

Sunweaver Hangouts

Feral Furry Theater

Sunday Night, 6PM

Sunweave Space (245/193/451)

The Goblin Cave

Sunday Night Matanee, on hiatus, stay tuned for resuming

Sunlight Bay *Edit, the Goblin Cave was recently moved to Caledon*

Caledon Downs (104/89/32)

The Gathering Oak

Monday 6-8PM,  TBA

Tuesday 6-8PM,  TBA

Sunny Beach, (173, 135, 24)

The Drunken Parrot

Hours unknown

Sunweaver Bay (148/46/22)

Xanadu Classic Rock Club

Where Second Life meets the 70s and 80s, and magical things happen. A newbie-friendly roller-disco for people who like classic rock and all kinds of older music.

Indefinite hiatus

HV Community (67/207/4051)

*  *  *  *  *

Montecito Bay


⍙⟒ ⏃⍀⟒ ⟊⎍⌇⏁ ⏃ ⎎⟒⍙ days into the new year and we have so many parties  ⌰⟟⋏⟒⎅ ⎍⌿ ⎎⍜⍀ ⏃⌰⌰ you amazing people!! ⏃⋏⎅ ⌿⏃⌇⌇ ⟟⏁ ⏃⍀ound to everyone you know cause we hope to see you soon at Mont⟒☊⟟⏁⍜ ⏚⏃⊬!!

⍙⟒ ⏃⍀⟒ ⊑⟒⍀⟒  ⎅⍜ ⋏⍜⏁ ⍀⎍⋏  ⎅⍜ ⋏⍜⏁ ⊑⟟⎅⟒  ⍙⟒ ⍙⟟⌰⌰ ⎎⟟⋏⎅ ⊬⍜⎍
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : Taco Tuesday with DJ Taco and your Host Ceres at Envy Nightlife!

Montecito Bay (224/227/23)

Wednesday January 9, 2019
 6:00pm - 8:00pm : Hurry over to Envy Nightlife 'cause it's Come As You Are night with DJ Sil and Host Taco!

Montecito Bay (224/227/23)

Thursday January 10, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : The Lem n' Em Show with DJ Emorald and your Host Lem at Studio 86!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

Friday January 11, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm :Pizza party! Grab your favorite kind of pizza and hurry to the Flying Pickle and party with  DJ Sheba and host Kait!

Montecito Bay (20/49/3802)

Saturday January 12, 2019
After Dark with Twocoin and DJ Magic Moff at Studio 86!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

Sunday January 13, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : You punks ready to party? If not, then too bad. You're coming to Studio 86 and partying with DJ Chloe and Host Kait!
Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

* * * * *

Furry Fashion's Ravenwood Retreat

Monday : 6PM - CAYA - DJ Minty , Host TBA

Tues : 6PM - Celtic - DJ Fort , Host TBA

Wed : 6PM - Rainbows - DJ Scratch, Host Minty

Thurs : 6PM - Barely There - DJ Alexi, Host Josie 

Friday : 6PM - Spots vs Stripes - DJ Auseklis, Host Marie

Sat 3pm : Seven Deadly Sins - DJ Bengt, Host Josie
Sat 6pm : Felines - DJ Marie, Host Minty

Sun 6pm : Cats vs Dogs - DJ Skooma , Host Pulse

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