Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, and Furry Fashion Clubs

Club Cutlass

WED: Best In 'A' --------- Jenni
FRI: Flying Away -------- Crim?
SAT: Formal Dance ---- ?

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

*  *  *  *  *

The Happy Vixen


4-6 PM: "Heroes and Villains"

Tonight at the Happy Vixen, it's a showdown between the good guys and bad guys as we have out "Heroes and Villains" event. Will the heroes triumph, or will the villains get away with it? DJ Geerkil will spin some heroic tunes.

DJ Geerkil
Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SL

"What's a supervillain's favorite snack?" "A hero sandwich."

6PM - 8PM: "Back to School"

Tonight at the Happy Vixen, it's "Back to School." Dress up in your favorite school look from jock, to geek, to athlete, to cheerleader, and of course schoolgirl and schoolboy uniforms. Just behave yourself, or the faculty will have to inflict some, disclipine. Our schooled DJ Aroooo delivers the tunes.

DJ Aroooo
Party starts at 6PM and ends at 8PM SL time
"I was the teacher's pet. She couldn't afford a dog."


2PM to 4PM :  "Lions, Tigers, and Bears"

The path to the Happy Vixen leads down a yellow brick road today as we have our "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" event. Come in a lion, tiger, or bear avatar, or perhaps have a small shoulder pet or t-shirt. So nope, we're not lyin'. Our DJ Applebloom will take the tiger by the tail as she bears in mind to bring you the tunes.

DJ Applebloom
Party Starts at 2PM and ends at 4PM

"Oh my!"


6-8 PM:"Best in Green"

Things are a little on the green side at the Happy Vixen as we have our "Best in Green" event. Come in a green outfit, a green avatar, or both. So don't be green with envy. Come on over and maybe win a little green from the contest. The Epic Failure show will be anything but green as they deliver the tunes.

The Epic Failure Show, DJ Geerkil, DJ JB
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT

"It's not easy, making green."

8PM to 10PM :"Sci-Fi"

Things are a bit "out of this world" tonight as we have our Sci-fi night. Come dressed as a spaceship crewman, alien, robot, or what have you. So set your coordinates and "beam on over." Our far-out bunny DJ Snowbuns plays the tunes.

DJ Snowbuns
Party starts at 8 pm SLT and ends at 10 pm SLT



2-4PM : "Hospital Hilarity"

DJ Applebloom
Party starts at 2 PM SL time and ends at 4 PM SLT

"The doctor will do you now."

4-6 PM  "Pajama Party"

DJ Tech
 Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SLT

"I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in them, I'll never know."


3-6PM "Arabian Nights"

DJ Snowbuns,
Party starts at 3PM SLT, and ends at 6PM SLT"

"Sheik, rattle, and roll."

7-9PM  "Lingerie"

DJ Squeaks
Party starts at 7PM SL time and ends at 9PM SL time

"Underneath it all."


6pm SLT to ???
"Spinnin the best EDM tracks ever recorded. So come on down and join in the party!!!!!!! there may be a few hidden gems mixed in  the set as well but you wont know unless you are here!!!!!!!"
DJ Khyra "The Dazzlecat DJ"

Theme: TBA
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and goes on to 9PM or longer.

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)   

*  *  *  *  *

Club Zero Gravity: "The Party Among the Stars"

Monday: 10 am to 1 pm with DJ JB
1 pm to 4 pm, DJ Sexi Lexi

Tuesday: 11 am to 2 pm (Hiring DJs)
10 pm to 1 am Poker After Dark

Wednesday: 10 am to 1 pm- Poker Tournament (Hiring DJs)
1 pm to 4 pm Freeform DJ - Poker Tournament (Hiring DJs)
4 pm to 6 pm with DJ Snowbuns Skylark Lefavre

Thursday: 11 am to 2 pm Freeform DJ - Poker Tournament (Hiring DJs)
10 pm to 1 am Poker After Dark

Friday: 10 am to 1 pm with DJ JB
1 pm to 4 pm DJ Sexi Lexi
4 pm to 6 pm with DJ Applebloom

We are looking for hosts for the poker tournament and after dark, and we are hiring DJs for the following slots:
Tuesday 11am - 2pm
Wednesday Any time between 10am - 4pm
Thursday 11am - 2pm

All times in SLT times.
Must be in theme to win any contest
Zero Gravity is Hiring for DJ's and Hostesses. 

Sunweaver Space (129, 249, 3597)

*  *  *  *  *

Sunweaver Hangouts

Feral Furry Theater

Sunday Night, 6PM

Sunweave Space (245/193/451)

The Goblin Cave

Sunday Night Matanee, on hiatus, stay tuned for resuming

Sunlight Bay *Edit, the Goblin Cave was recently moved to Caledon*

Caledon Downs (104/89/32)

The Gathering Oak

Monday 6-8PM,  TBA

Tuesday 6-8PM,  TBA

Sunny Beach, (173, 135, 24)

The Drunken Parrot

Hours unknown

Sunweaver Bay (148/46/22)

Xanadu Classic Rock Club

Where Second Life meets the 70s and 80s, and magical things happen. A newbie-friendly roller-disco for people who like classic rock and all kinds of older music.

Indefinite hiatus

HV Community (67/207/4051)

*  *  *  *  *

Montecito Bay

It may be cold out but here at Montecito Bay it's ALWAYS hot!!
That's right! it may be cold ⍜⎍⏁⌇⟟⎅⟒ but here it's always a perfect ⏁⟒⋔⌿ !! We have so many parties lined up for you. We ⊑⍜⌿⟒ ⏁⍜ ⌇⟒⟒ ⊬⍜⎍ ⎐⟒⍀⊬ soon!!

⊬⍜⎍⍀ ⏁⟟⋔⟒ ⟟⌇ ⍜⎐⟒⍀...⍙⟒ ⏃⍀⟒ ⊑⏃⍀⏚⟟⋏☌⟒⍀....⌿⍀⟒⌿⏃⍀⟒ ⎎⍜⍀ ⎍⌇

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : Taco Tuesday with DJ Taco and your Host Ceres at Studio 86!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

Wednesday January 23, 2019
 6:00pm - 8:00pm : Get ready for an amazing musical expedition with the sensational DJ Sil and Host Taco at Envy Nightlife!

Montecito Bay (224/227/23)

Thursday January 24, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : The Lem n' Em Show with DJ Emorald and your Host Lem at Studio 86!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

Friday January 25, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : Opposite Day is here at Studio 86! So come and party with DJ Sheba and host Kait!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

Saturday January 26, 2019
After Dark with Twocoin and DJ Magic Moff at Studio 86!

Montecito Bay (224/79/23)

Sunday January 27, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm : Don't adjust your sets, 'cause Monochrome Night is here with DJ Chloe and Host Kait at Envy Nightlife!
Montecito Bay (224/227/23)

* * * * *

Furry Fashion's Furscape

Monday : 6PM - CAYA - DJ TBA , Host TBA

Tues : 6PM - Sci-Fi - DJ Fort , Host Marie

Wed : 6PM - Neons - DJ Minty, Host Marie

Thurs : 6PM - Japan - DJ Alexi, Host Josie 

Friday : 6PM - Pastels - DJ Auseklis, Host Kiriv

Sat 3pm : Cybergoth - DJ Bengt, Host Josie
Sat 6pm : Horror - DJ Marie, Host Minty

Sun 3pm : Country - DJ Scratch, Host Minty
Sun 6pm : Rock n' Roll - DJ Skooma , Host Pulse

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