Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

Club Cutlass

Club Cutlass

WED: X, Y, & Z ---------- Jenni
FRI: At The Movies ----
SAT: Fire and Ice ----------

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

*  *  *  *  *

The Happy Vixen

4-6 PM: Team Sunbeamer De-Skunking Party

Oh noes! The Sunbeamer RFL team has been skunked! Help the Sunbeamers by donating to the skunk kiosk (the one with the skunk plush on it), and help reduce the time in which "Stinky" hangs around. Dress up in skunk avatars or black and white outfits. As this is a Relay event, please keep it clean and don't show anything "bad."

DJ Geerkil, 250L on the board
Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SLT with voting at 5:45 pm SLT.
"The sweet smell of friendship."

6-8PM: Graduation

It's June, which means it's almost time for school to end. And for seniors, this means graduation! No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks! Dress up in school uniforms, sports uniforms, or you can always show up as the teachers and principal. Our educated vixen DJ Tantari plays her set "Graduation."

DJ Tantari,  250L on board
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT with voting at 7:45 pm SLT.
"School's out for the summer!"

6-8 PM, "Beach Party"

Summer's almost here! Time to head to the beach. Dress in in  your swimsuits.

DJ TBA, 250 L on the board
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT with voting at 7:45 pm SLT.
"Life's a beach."

8-10 pm
"Bunnies vs Mice"

Get your carrots and cheese slices. Tonight it's our "Bunnies vs Mice" event. Dress up in mouse or bunny avatars, neko or nezumi avatars, or just bring Easter Bunny or Mickey Mouse ears. Our resident bunny DJ, Snowbuns, spins the tunes. Will the bunnies hop away to victory, or will the mice squeak on by?
DJ Snowbuns, $250 L on the board
Party starts at 8 pm SLT and ends at 10 pm SLT with voting at 9:45 pm SLT.
"'Ears' looking at you, kid."


Around the World

Don't make enough money to travel far? Well, the world comes to you with our Around the World event. Dress up in outfits from around the planet.

DJ Scratch, $250L on the board
Party starts at 2PM SLT, and ends at 4PM SLT, with voting at 3:45 PM SLT.
"Think globally"

Candy and Chocolate

Is your sweet tooth acting up? Do you have a craving for something sugary? Come on down to our "Candy and Chocolate" event. Our sweetheart DJ Brandi spins the tunes.

DJ Brandi, $250L on the board
Party starts at 7PM SLT and goes on to 9PM, with voting at 8:45 PM SLT
"It's one sweet party."

8pm SLT to ???
"Spinnin the best EDM tracks ever recorded. So come on down and join in the party!!!!!!! there may be a few hidden gems mixed in  the set as well but you wont know unless you are here!!!!!!!"
DJ Khyra "The Dazzlecat DJ"

Theme: Come As You Are
Party starts at 7 pm SLT and goes on to 9PM or longer.
250 L on board

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)  

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 Xanadu Classic Rock Club

 IM Perri Prinz or RECoyote Mindes for details on upcoming events.

Sunday, 7-9PM, DJ Christine

Tuesday, 6-8PM, DJ Geerkil

Wednesday, 8-10PM, DJ TBA

HV Community (67/207/4051)

*  *  *  *  *

Furry Fashion

Monday - No Planned Events

Tuesday - 80s - DJ Grunge, 6-8PM

Wednesday - Angels and Demons - DJ Becky N, 6-8PM

Thursday - Come As You Are - DJ Alex 6-8PM

Friday - Creepy vs Cute - DJ Moni, 3-5PM

Technology - DJ Klo, 6-8PM

Saturday - Retro - DJ Bengt, 3-5PM

Metal - DJ Scratch, 6-8PM

Sunday - Crux - DJ Cyfir, 3-5PM

Formal - DJ Fort, 6-8PM

Furry (159, 200, 113)

 * * * * *

The Gathering Oak

Monday 6-8PM,  DJ: TBA

Sunny Beach, (173, 135, 24)

*  *  *  *  *

Sunweaver Hangouts

The Goblin Cave

The Cave has no regular events, yet, but has a number of games, including SLopoly, Greedy, and Cards Against Humanity, and broadcasts Farshore Radio 24/7. IM Cynthia Farshore for details.

Pacific Waters (185, 178, 31)

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