Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Return of Club Culture

By Grease Coakes

I got a surprise the other day when Outlaw Firefang (OutlawFox23 Resident) IMed me, saying Club Culture was back in Second Life. At first I was hesitant as he offered me my job back as a dj at Micha’s club. For those who don’t know about Club Culture it was Micah’s club (DjMicah resident) as he wanted to make a EDM club (EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music) He brought back his realistically designed club here at

I was invited over by Tiger Ninetales who told me about a coming back party that would last for 12 hours! The first song she played was a remix of a classic rave song called meet her at the love parade written by Da Hool. She also played a remix of “Let Me Be Your Fantasy.”

I asked Micah, "Do you have any words of pride or anything to draw any avatar male or female to your club?"

Micah answered, "That Culture is proud to be one possibly the only club on the grid that has been built up, custom scripted and designed purposely to showcase the amazing DJs out there, including a line up of commercial DJs who are known across the world for festivals, clubs and radio."

I asked, "So Culture doesn't have just desktop dj/s who use virtual dj but also dj/s who have the real world experience djing for real clubs and events?"

Micah answered, "Yep, in fact all of our DJ line up are turntable DJs, and over half of them have professional and commercial experience in the  real world. We want to deliver the best so we challenge our DJs to  be the best they can be, and encourage them to better themselves."

I commented, "If you never challenged yourself to be better you might as well not do it. For artwork writing or music."

Micah agreed, "Exactly, and one of our DJs had little experience live mixing, and always felt more safe using 'playlist djing.' But we have pushed him in to the deep end, and he's delivering great sets."

I asked, "What exactly is playlist djing?"

Micah answered, "Your typical desktop DJing using Winamp or SAM broadcaster, fill a playlist, click play and forget."

I commented, "I try not to do that It's much better to use virtual DJ and pick songs as I go along. Besides you might find a song combo that works much better then a generic song list that's prepped."

Micah responded, "Yes I agree."

Like before, there’s artwork of dj/s and a realistic lights system. Also, there is a script meter to show who’s causing all that nasty lag while you’re trying to listen to your favorite dj. I saw a Mario in the corner. And I was surprised that some people recognized my avatar. "A male AX fox! Very rare!" "AX? Wow." Also when you use emotes on Micah’s club, you see the words on the screen but no sound. I think he wants a real life rave experience so sound emotes won’t get in the way of the music being played.

I grabbed a hold of Amy Tigris Ninetales (Tiger Ninetails) and she had this to say when I asked her what the club is looking for in hiring DJ/s, “Track selection, ability to mix said tracks and who well they can do that. Here at Culture, we strive for the closest thing to a real nightclub experience, so naturally we make sure that our DJs can deliver the quality expected at a nightclub venue."

I asked, "So it's fair to say you're fitting a whole club inside someone's computer each time you or one of your dj/s step up to mix."

She agreed, "That sounds about right, yeah."

Micah’s Club Culture is a welcome addition to Second Life’s club scene. After a hard day of work in the real world or fifty things you had to do in Second Life. Micah’s club is an excellent place to throw on your headphones to forget your worries for a while. Micah and his club have come back with a vengeance as he came back with a 12 hour party.

Grease Coakes

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