Monday, December 5, 2016

Serenity Woods and Club Planet Serenity

By Grease Coakes

Furries are sociable, and like sharing with like-minded furries with artwork, favorite video games, writing or plain silliness. I found a great community where if you’re looking for a great place to rent to call your home which comes with a sandbox look no further then Serenity Woods. I was told about this by a friend when I was looking for a new place to dj for.

I wander around and I see creative builds like a space rocket or space needle. Also lots of trees that are leafless, probably due to the chilly weather outside. There’s also a blue and silver sandbox when you find the sim with poseballs that teleport you around the sim. Like you would right click to sit down right click away to be whisked to a part of the sim.

But there’s a catch to use sound emotes and the sandbox you have to be a member of the Serenity Woods group. You can ask any guide that is featured on the IM board to ask for a membership invite. Also you can ask for renting an apartment for their low prices.

There’s also an epic club for all the furries to hang out at. Planet Serenity is well scripted and designed. And the floor has a special script that wherever you walk on the dance floor you’ll see a blue hexagon light up. The place reminds me of Buzz, later reborn as sting in Washington DC, in the real world where a honey bee with a honey comb was their logo.  (check out also )

Maybe you’re not in mood to be on the dance floor? There’s also a lounge upstairs to sit and chat with friends as well as a few dance poles also a bar area if you want to roleplay getting or mixing a drink for your furry friends. There’s also a theater area and I noticed a piano with a scripted spirits and cocktails display click and pick your poison and it appears in your hand.

Also the dj stage looks incredible with a blue display to show what song and artist is playing. I was told the builder is named Kelemvor Nostram and the stallion did an excellent job building the club which looks like a real life venue to dance and hang out. I also took a look at the dj board which is filled up in the night hours. So if you’re looking for a live dj best to wait until the night when people/furries  are coming home from work.

Planet serenity is looking for hosts and djs If you’re looking to share your music with furries feel free to apply. Where I have been here a short while and I have gotten a warm reception. I defiantly recommend coming to this club for a good time and/or to dj here. Also looking around the sim I saw a beautiful environment so feel free if you are looking for a place to rent the prices here are fair, Everything you could want in a sim is right here in Serenity Woods.

Grease Coakes

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