Friday, September 2, 2016

Club Cherry

By Wesley Regenbogen
Club Cherry was created by Ravi2014 and Lilbitsss on March 21, 2016. Besides creating the club, Ravi2014 decorated it himself (and in my opinion, he did a nice job).
But there’s not only the club in the area. There’s a venue with a shopping mall and lots of shops. Those shops are decorated by the owners themselves.
Club Cherry is built to let your dreams come true. There’s even a ballroom area. What’s special about this club is that there is a pool too.
The club is rentable for parties and weddings. The Party Planner is named Sabrina Solo.
The music played in the club is from rock to pop music. Many DJs often play a set at the club.
Visitors are informed through notecards, ad boards and IM’s and also through the group ( Club Cherry ). Events are planned regularly and group members are notified through group notices. They don’t have a Facebook page or website yet, but that should come in the near future.
Although this club is a relatively new one, it’s a good club. Personally, I think this club has a good deal of potential and will be a popular club once it’s better known in Second Life. I like this club very much. There’s always a positive atmosphere and the people there are always nice.
This club is an international club, although the owners are Dutch. So English is spoken in the club.
So when you are there and you are into swimming, take a dive into the pool.
I hope to see you in this club one day.
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Wesley Regenbogen

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