Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Events This Week at the Sunweaver, Montecito Bay, Furry Fashion, and CDS Clubs

Club Cutlass

WED: 4th Of July ----------- Jenni
FRI: Shorts & Shirts ------- Snowy
SAT: Disco Night ---------- Cynthia

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

*  *  *  *  *

The Happy Vixen


4-6 PM: "Fire"

Firey avatars, orange and red outfits, or perhaps both.

DJ Geerkil
Party starts at 4 pm SLT and ends at 6 pm SL

"You're fired."

6PM - 8PM: "Futuristic"

Outfits and/or avatars of something or someone in an imagined future, such as Star Trek, Post-Apocalyptic, "The Jetsons," etc.

DJ Snowbuns
Party starts at 6PM and ends at 8PM SL time

"The Future is now history."


4-6PM: "TBA"

DJ Naughty Nydia
Party starts at 4 and ends at 6PM SL time

"You'll see."

6-8 PM:"Claws and Paws"

Pawlike hands, claws, or both

The Epic Failure Show, DJ Geerkil, DJ JB
Party starts at 6 pm SLT and ends at 8 pm SLT

"Hand over claw."

8PM to 10PM :"Red, White and Blue"

Red white or blue outfits, avatars, or some combination.

DJ Snowbuns
Party starts at 8 pm SLT and ends at 10 pm SLT

"Three cheers for the red, white and blue."



Party starts at 3PM and ends at 6PM

"You'll see."


3-6PM "Skunks and Avians"

Skunk or bird avatars, or maybe shoulder pets

DJ Snowbuns,
Party starts at 3PM SLT, and ends at 6PM SLT"

"Air polution."

7-9PM  "Cowboys"

Cowboy outfits, or perhaps the horse they rode on

DJ Squeaks
Party starts at 7PM SL time and ends at 9PM SL time

"Yippie kai-aye."


6PM: TBA w DJ Khyra

6pm SLT to ???
"Spinnin the best EDM tracks ever recorded. So come on down and join in the party!!!!!!! there may be a few hidden gems mixed in  the set as well but you wont know unless you are here!!!!!!!"
DJ Khyra "The Dazzlecat DJ"

Theme: TBA

Party starts at 6 pm SLT and goes on to 9PM or longer.

Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)   

*  *  *  *  *

Club Zero Gravity: "The Party Among the Stars"

4p - 6p DJ Snowbuns

2-4 p DJ Perri

We are looking for hosts for the poker tournament and after dark, and we are hiring DJs for the following slots:

Monday 10am - 4 pm

Wednesday Any time between 10am - 2pm
Thursday 11am - 2pm

Friday 1-4 pm

All times in SLT times.
Must be in theme to win any contest
Zero Gravity is Hiring for DJ's and Hostesses. 

Sunweaver Space (129, 249, 3597)

*  *  *  *  *

The Gathering Oak

The Gathering Oak is open four nights per week.
DJs are same each week.

Saturday, 8-10, Perri Prinz
Sunday, 6-8, Artimas Blackrain
Monday, 6-8, Geerkil Zisky and JB Raccoon
Tuesday 6-8, Geerkil

Themes are chosen, usually after start of event, to allow maximum number to enter.
Winners are often top 3 or top 5 number of votes, keeping with our motto, "Everybody wins at G.O."

Sunny Beach, (173, 135, 24)

* * * * *

Sunweaver Hangouts

Feral Furry Theater

Movies at Sunday at 6 PM
This week:Escape From Planet Earth

Sunweave Space (245/193/451)

The Goblin Cave

Sunday Night Matanee, on hiatus, stay tuned for resuming

Sunlight Bay *Edit, the Goblin Cave was recently moved to Caledon*

Caledon Downs (104/89/32)

The Drunken Parrot

Hours unknown

Sunweaver Bay (148/46/22)

Xanadu Classic Rock Club

Where Second Life meets the 70s and 80s, and magical things happen. A newbie-friendly roller-disco for people who like classic rock and all kinds of older music.

Indefinite hiatus

HV Community (67/207/4051)

*  *  *  *  *

Montecito Bay

The Montecito Bay schedule is temporarily unavailable, and all events are To Be Announced. Please check the group for updates

Montecito Bay (31/128/26)

* * * * *

Furry Fashion's Furscape

Monday 6pm Come As You Are

Tuesday 6pm Horror

Wednesday 6pm Around the World

Thursday 6pm Piercings and Tattoos

Friday 6pm Blast from the Past

Saturday 3pm Cute
Saturday 6pm Mythology
Saturday 8pm Late Night Lewdness

sunday 3 pm Hooves n' Horns
sunday 6pm Military
sunday 8pm Rave

Furry (218/44/37)

*  *  *  *  *

CDS's Lyuba's Game and Dance Center

 Wednesday:  DJ MadMax, "Apocalypse to Thunderdome", 1400-1600

Locus Amoenus (68/23/24)

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