Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Wet Spot Club

By Grease Coakes

Here in Second Life there’s a lot of clubs for everyone. But like grains of salt in a salt shaker, there’s so many you’re not sure which one to hang out at. My friend Shinywhitedragon Resident told me about a place that was hiring. Out of dumb luck I asked him did he know any tarot readers. He mentioned he knew a name that sounded very familiar to me and that a club named the Wet Spot was hiring.

So checked out the Wet Spot and being a friend to a human named Kara Foxdale, I decided to apply to become a DJ. What I found out after talking with the owner of the club, Jimhasitall Snoodle, and Kara is they have an excellent club. For one thing Jim is looking to create a friendly atmosphere to make it like a family for staff and VIPS.

Jimhasitall told me, "We play all different music dj play what they wish but play all requests. We are friendly upbeat and have a lot of fun. Even though the club is a beach club you will always see a theme around the sim. Like now Halloween. We have been around just over a year. our goal is music and making everyone feel like family."

There’s also a mall area so while you listen in a live DJ or radio feel free to shop away as there’s a variety of shops. Jimhasitall had this to say, "We have great creators, a wide variety of clothing from women's to men's to skybox rentals. most do custom work.

On top of that his mall manager Kara is very talented. She did an excellent job making the club ready for Halloween and she also does tarot readings over voice. Her price is fair as she told me, "Readings are 3 cards free 6 600L 10 cards 1,000L and you know how I ask you to think of the question at hand then shuffle my cards."

Also I didn’t know this she also does astrology charts in her own words she said, "They're like Oh-My-God, how did you do this? I am like 'I just looked at your chart.' " If you’re curious about an astrology chart, she said this about her price, "I don't have a set price I take donations for them."

Of the stores, Kara explained there's, "also stuff for the pony avies here in world and jewelry too clothes are regular avies, mesh and appliers." In my opinion, that will draw the ponies and griffins to their mall/club. MLP is everywhere.

Kara Foxdale has done a great job decorating her club and mall. Designing it too. In fact one of the things I’ve noticed on the dance floor as dance discs where you stand on them and your avatar starts shaking his or her tail. And Jim has done a super job for maintaining the club as he has over 300 VIPS to his Wet Spot.

Feel free to stop by, either to shop, listen to the music, apply as a host or DJ to the club,or get a tarot reading from Kara. Like Jim’s name, The Wet Spot has it all.

Grease Coakes

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